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Creative Portraits For Creative People

Rosalee McGilvery is a fine-art and self-portrait artist specializing in creative, magical, reality bending photography. 

I'm a photographer for the dreamers, the people who like to escape into fantasy worlds and fairtytales. I'm a photographer for the people who wish they could be princesses or warriors. I'm a photographer for the creatives, for those wanting more than just a simple, standard photoshoot. I'm a photographer for those who still believe in a little bit of magic. 

My work is much more than a simple photoshoot, it's a collaborative, creative and imaginative session! Let's get to know each other and together we can create something truly unique.





Here are just a few little tid-bits about my personality to get to know me better! 

- I could watch the Office all day everyday. It's the best show ever to be on TV and never fails to brighten my mood. It always leaves me smiling and satisfied. "That's what she said."
- I'm a chronic illness fighter. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at the age  of 11. It's changed my life majorly, in some good ways and some bad. But it's also what inspired me to found Stigma-free Ostomy, a media based non-profit aimed at reducing the stigma of those living with chronic illness and ostomies. Learn more about Stigma-free Ostomy here
- You may be able to tell from my work.. I'm a daydreamer, big -time. I live in my own little fantasy world.
- I'm a lover of animals, all kinds... even though I'm highly allergic to some of them. That certainly hasn't stopped me from petting them or from sneaking stray animals into my house when I was a child often getting me in trouble. 
- I consider pizza from different pizza joints a completely different product, and therefore, eating pizza from a different place every night isn't actually repetitious. Yes, I love pizza that much....
- I suffer from social anxiety. I wish we could all be a little more open and honest about our mental health. 
- I'm a book lover and love to spend my days (when I'm not editing) lying in a comfy spot with a good book and mug of green tea. (Preferably it's raining or thunder storming out)
- My other hobbies include painting, mainly watercolor, hiking, rock climbing (very new favorite), writing... and most importantly, napping.. Because don't we all just love a lazy day?

Tell me a little bit about yourself! 

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