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Lowell, MA fine-art and creative portrait photographer

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Hey there, 

I'm Rosalee!  A fine-art and self-portrait artist specializing in creative, magical, reality bending photography. 

I'm a photographer for the dreamers, the people who like to escape into fantasy worlds and fairtytales. I'm a photographer for the people who wish they could be princesses or warriors. I'm a photographer for the creatives, for those wanting more than just a simple, standard photoshoot. I'm a photographer for those who still believe in a little bit of magic. 

Why choose Rosalee McGilvery Photography?

I know how overwhelming it can be choosing a photographer. It seems like everyone owns a camera these days with new photographers popping up left and right! Decision-making anxiety is so very real. (I would know, I'm basically the queen of indecisiveness, I deserve a crown).. So, I know JUST how difficult it can be choosing the perfect fit when you're bombarded with too many options. With that said, I'm going to try my very best to make this decision as easy as possible for you. 

What makes Rosalee McGilvery Photography Unique?

Unlike traditional standard portraiture, I specialize in fine-art, creative and reality-bending photography. Perhaps you want to enter a fairytale?.. And transform yourself into a prince or princess? Perhaps you've always wished you were a mermaid, or could battle a dragon. (And actually win)  Maybe you want a dreamy, ethereal shoot or perhaps you like a dark and moodier vibe. Nothing is impossible! Your imagination is truly the limit. My specific skill set, with a specialty in creative portraiture along with my expertise in photoshop, allow me to create unique and creative one-of-a-kind works of art that will surely stand out.

Does my photoshoot have to be fine-art or fairytale-themed?

No! Not at all. Although that's what I specialize in, I'm also available for more traditional portraiture, including maternity, seniors, milestones, engagement and more! 

Let's Create Magic

© Rosalee McGilvery Photography 2021 | All rights reserved

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